Our Artists


Matthew Osamudiame Lucky with the stage name “Matty” is a songwriter and vocalist from Edo State, Nigeria. His debut single “You” depicts his love, pride, and unshakable stance to flaunt his lover amidst backlash and prejudices. Matty is an entrepreneur and a public relations personnel. Matty enjoys eating, drinking, listening to music, and seeing movies, and also a big fan of strong booze.

Listen to Matty’s Music here: https://mayvibe.fanlink.to/hpF9


Kaylan Ugochukwu with the stage name “Kaylan” was a songwriter, vocalist, soul, and gospel singer and.  Kaylan was from Ndokwa East, Delta State. Kaylan’s debut single “Special One” speaks about self-awareness, acceptance, courage, boldness, and how uniquely special we all are as human beings.

Kaylan was a political scientist and loved researching, writing, singing, and soliloquizing.



Dominic Ozichukwu Godwin with the stage name “Minic” is a skilled and talented songwriter, vocalist, soul, and afro-pop artiste from Anambra State, South-East, Nigeria. Minnic’s debut single “Hope” passes the core message of perseverance, tenacity, love without boundaries, and determination to succeed even in unfavorable conditions; is a humanist, philosopher, and practicalist. Minnic enjoys singing, cooking, meditation, and listening to good music, and meditation.

Listen to Minnic’s single here: https://mayvibe.fanlink.to/hP69


Orhue Eghosa with the stage name “Anwyll” is a songwriter, vocalist, and pop artist from Edo State, South-South Nigeria; whose debut single “Overcome” aims at encouraging and giving hope to queer persons in Nigeria amidst criminalization and discrimination, and violence. Anwyll is currently a student of medical biochemistry at the University of Benin. Anwyll spends his leisure singing, reading, seeing movies, dancing, and creating animated videos.


Samuel Uchenna with the stage name “Samuch” is a renowned songwriter, vocalist, and Afro-pop artist from Enugu State, South-East Nigeria. Samuch is currently the CEO of LIFFE Music Academy and has recorded and promoted 3 singles (Justice, Enjoy, and No Hate) under the record label. Samuch is a philosopher, gender justice and sexual rights activist, and human rights defender. At his leisure, Samuch enjoys reading, cooking, listening to good music, dancing, and sipping wine

Listen to Samuch’s single here: https://mayvibe.fanlink.to/SamUch_NoHate